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A vital component of any complex IT project, the Design & Analysis is to work with stakeholders, management and technical personnel to identify, analyse and advise on all aspects of a solution and its delivery.

Having accumulated significant software engineering and process management experience, successfully delivered hundreds of projects of varying sizes, our consultancy team at Total Solutions Group are capable of designing and delivering solutions that not only address your information-management needs as they exist today, but also account for how they may change in the future.

Some of our past projects have included;

  • Independent, objective analysis of existing IT infrastructures, core systems, processes and applications
  • Comprehensive IT strategies for web-enablement, systems integration, migration, standardisation
  • Change control and risk analysis allowing for safer management of any solution deployment
  • Engagement & endorsement of corporate-users and stakeholders
  • Data and services amalgamation brought about by mergers and acquisitions
  • End of life & decommissioning strategies and procedures
  • Business as usual and disaster recovery models for critical business applications

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