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We understand the sensitive nature of critical business information, therefore we centrally store financial information and scanned documents across two data warehouses providing the highest level of security and ensuring continuity.

Access to this information is facilitated by iMineIT, our secure encrypted portal which significantly reduces auditor’s travel and provides peace of mind to clients.

When claims are identified, they are centrally logged and processed by the auditor who records any client communication along with relevant documentation. iMineIT also provides extensive reporting capabilities to help the client refine their business processes, thereby reducing the possibility of future errors.

Identifying errors in accounting practices can be an arduous process – not identifying them can be extremely costly. Our solutions team work with accounts payable information for leading companies throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Using proven business rules combined with fuzzy logic, our routines crunch accounts payable data looking for possible duplicate payments, overpayments, pricing, tax and promotional errors. Each potential error is scored and ranked ensuring that auditors can work quickly and effectively.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you to recover money on a “no recovery/no fee” basis.

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