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The development of software is a complex and precise element of a solution. However, it need not be as expensive as is sometimes perceived!

Our qualified, Microsoft Professional developers at Total Solutions Group have decades of experience in creating software for a diverse range of projects. As a result of this we have amassed extensive libraries of code which can be used to shorten time and delivery, guarantee robustness and substantially lower the cost of custom development.

We categorise our software development services into 4 sections;

  • Product Development

    A product’s evolutionary cycle is usually determined by your market and opportunity. It can be rapid market delivery to fill short term gaps, where speed is of the essence and life expectancy is short. Conversely you may have a product which requires prototyping, to evolve and grow the product organically over many years through the requirements of a potential or existing client base.

    As an independent software vendor, creating and deploying in-house products as well as client portfolios, we have an exceptional skills base well accustomed to creating rich, intuitive and sleek software.

  • Application Development

    Applications are usually identified as being functional, purpose built, limited in scope and for internal business use. Over the years we’ve developed any number of different applications, built to specification to meet a specific set of technical or business requirements.

  • Customisation/Integration Development

    Customisation and integration development is in a lot of cases an essential part of any business solution. Off the shelf products rarely meet the exacting requirements of every business. This might be due to a lack of functionality, workflow which doesn’t match those of the business, or indeed too much functionality leading to the overwhelming of end users.

    In cases where software will be used by large numbers of users across the business such as Microsoft Dynamics or SharePoint, the efficiency of using that application can make an enormous difference.

    This is where customisation and integration steps in; enabling businesses to customise new or existing platforms and applications, identifying and optimising processes where necessary and improve the ROI of business-line solutions.

  • Integrated Team Development

    It’s not always possible to outsource a project in its entirety. In some cases it’s not possible to outsource at all! However, there are still options open to a business which provides all the benefits of a controlled, structured and dedicated project team, with none of the draw backs of a disconnected or disparate team.

    Working on-site as fulltime members of your IT delivery team, our developers can fit perfectly into your resource pool, allowing the delivery of short to medium term internal projects without the headaches of recruitment, undertakings law, associated staffing costs, payroll and much more.

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